1989 Game Boy Classic revamped by Lëkki

Game Boy Classic x Lëkki

A year after launching its range of revamped vintage mobile phones fun and colourful, we decided to continue our journey through the 90’s by remazterising one of the icons of this decade: the Nintendo Game Boy Classic,

This pocket-sized gaming machine manufactured by Nintendo, sold at 118.69 million units worldwide, dates back to 1989 and is powered by an 8-bits processor of … 2,2Mhz. Its monochrome green display combined to its old-school sound system will take you back into mythical Mario Land and Tetris games.

Take a look at the Game Boy Classic history -here- and check the retro TV commercial for the Game Boy Classic -here-.

Limited Edition of 40 pieces, revamped by Lëkki in 4 shiny bicolor versions:

> orange / white
> blue / white
> yellow / white
> green / white

Pictures available -here-


BACK TO 1991 / NEC Mova TZ-804

In April 1991, NEC released its NEC TZ-804 Mova handset for the Japanese provider DoCoMo.

This Japanese phone was lighter (250g) than the bricks produced by Nokia or Motorola at this time. The battery offered an 8-hour wait time and 45 minutes of talk time.

If the Motorola StarTAC is considered by many as the first clamshell mobile phone, actually the TZ-804 was the real first one!

We Love It !